NavFun Pro: Google Maps on your mobile phone, navigation, and upload tracks
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US Version 2.0.14: See the manual All CLDC1.1 java mobiles. This means all modern mobiles. Including touch screen mobiles. (Does not support iPhone, Android) 254KBytes
All features of NavFun Pro (except speed cams) and more Microsoft® PocketPC (PocketPC 2003 or higher e.g. Windows Mobile 5 or 6)

Installation notes:
Download the .jar file and transfer the .jar file to your mobile via infra-red or blue tooth. Now, most mobiles will see the .jar file as an incoming message that requires confirmation for installing. If this does not work browse with your mobile directly to Now, the phone will ask you to install NavFun.
Blackberry users: browse with your Blackberry directly to Now, the Blackberry will ask you to install NavFun.
For instructions how to install NavFun with IBM Java, click here.

This is a trial version. For a full version (€ 4.99) click the icon below:

For problems with NavFunPro go to the frequently asked questions section (faq).

Problems solved in 2.0.14 release
  • Update to bing maps
  • Searching businesses did not work outside USA

    Problems solved in 2.0.8 release
  • Update security certificate

    Problems solved in 2.0.7 release
  • Follow track: Add option to manually go to next or previous waypoint
  • Waypoint screen: Touch menu does not work when waypoint-items overlap with menu

    Problems solved in 2.0.3 release
  • Some mobiles: Internal GPS does not work
  • Add About screen in help.

    Problems solved in 2.0.2 release
  • Some mobiles (Sony Ericsson): Saving track is not allowed

    Problems solved in 2.0.1 release
  • Some mobiles (N95) do not show google maps (because User-Agent not defined)

    Problems solved in 2.0.0 release
  • Add option for working without internet access (Work offline)
  • Startpage: add Settings option
  • Add Help in Start Page
  • Categorize settings
  • Add feature: maps from flash-card
  • Add official verisign certificate to get rid of security pop-ups
  • Projections

    Problems solved in 1.2.7 release
  • Add speed camera dectection for Europe (powered by

    Problems solved in 1.2.6 release
  • Add full touch screen support
  • Menu sometimes contains double items

    Problems solved in 1.2.3 release
  • Some mobiles has same foreground and background colors, this is fixed
  • After 10 days without license the application aborts without warning. Now after 30 days without license, the application gives a popup to re-install or buy a license.
  • Waypoint input screen: Use # and * to select digits Problems solved in 1.2.2 release
  • Export GPX: Include points of interest
  • Add Google terrain

    Problems solved in 1.1.7 release
  • Export GPX: Include timestamps and elevation
  • Repaired Google Earth

    Problems solved in 1.1.6 release
  • Better error messages for internet problems
  • Spaces in front of and behind license key and email are ignored

    Problems solved in 1.1.5 release
  • Menus more clear

    Problems solved in 1.1.3 release
  • Add load/save gpx file

    Problems solved in 1.1.0 release
  • Some mobiles crash when starting up while bluetooth device is off.
  • Find business outside US does not work on some mobiles.

    Problems solved in 1.0.9 release
  • No popup when checking built-in GPS device (this makes the start of NavFunPro faster)
  • use the speed of the built-in GPS device if available

    Problems solved in 1.0.8 release
  • License key becomes case insensitive

    Problems solved in 1.0.7 release
  • Trial time extended to 30 minutes per session, 10 days in total
  • Internal GPS detection

    Problems solved in 1.0.6 release
  • More accurate speed if possible
  • During google map directions, '2' shows the compass
  • Some nokias (6230i) could not find bluetooth GPS

    Problems solved in 1.0.5 release
  • Add option 'reset location device'

    Problems solved in 1.0.4 release
  • Initial version

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