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Group Together

This game is best played with multiple people. Come together round your mobile and play party trivia. Here is how it works:
  • Put your mobile on a table.
  • Press the fire or ok button of your mobile and spin your mobile.
  • Wait until the music stops and the mobile does not spin anymore.
  • The person that is pointed by the arrow must answer the question or do the assignment.
  • In case of a question: Press the fire or ok button to see the answer.
  • Go to step 1
  • Press the menu button for:
    • Changing the spinning time.
    • Add your own questions or assignments.
    • Select a list of questions/assignments.
Party Trivia comes for free and runs on almost all java-phones. 1 For a recent list of java phones see this list of java-phones.

Product specs

Trivia-like game:
  • Random person selection
  • More than 1600 questions in different categories
  • Funny assignments
  • Add your own assignments
  • Add your own questions
  • Funny Sounds
  • Nice colors

1. note that your mobile must be MIDP2 compliant

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