Party Trivia: The first mobile social game
1 June 2007, Helmond, the Netherlands
After years of individual games, FunRunGames has introduced the first mobile game for a group of people. "Mobile games are typically played by one person, or in some cases by multiple people over a network," said Bjorn Bon, director of FunRunGames. "With Party Trivia, the mobile is the central point of a group of people that are physically together for example in a pub, at a party or at work during lunch. This increases the fun and it is good for the social contacts of people."

The idea behind Party Trivia is rather simple:
  • Start the game and press the ok button. A flashing arrow is shown and some music is heard.
  • Spin around your mobile on a flat surface and wait for it to stop spinning.
  • The person pointed by the arrow must read the question or do the assignment.
  • Press ok and spin around the mobile again.
Party Trivia contains more than 1600 questions, some funny assignments, and there is an option to add your own questions and assignments.

Party Trivia can be downloaded for free from
FunRunGames changes the name of eMSN into IMHere
15 January 2007, Helmond, the Netherlands
After consultation with Microsoft, FunRunGames has decided to change the name of its MSN compatible messenger, eMSN, into IMHere.

IMHere is completely designed and owned by FunRunGames. IMHere is an MSN compatible Instant Messenger that runs on all modern mobiles. It supports the following features:
  • MSN Instant Messenging
  • Emoticons
  • Invite contacts
  • Add/remove contacts
  • Send email to contacts
  • Snap and send personalized photos using the new Snap&Sketch (not supported by the Lite version)
  • Receive and view photos
  • Favorite messages
A full version of IMHere can be downloaded for free from
Funrungames launches SudoContest
4 January 2007, Helmond, the Netherlands
Funrungames' newest application is SudoContest. Each time when this game is started it loads a new Sudoku from a server. When the player has solved the Sudoku the solution is verified at the server and the solving time of the player is registered.

Players can join in 3 different categories: 'Peanuts', No worries', and 'Insane'. They are free to join several categories. After 5 or more games in a category their best time for that category is rated. At the end of each month the best players of each category receive a prize.

SudoContest is completey free. We will pay the prizes from our advertisement income. More info see