IMHere: Chat (MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo) and locate your buddies on your mobile phone
IMHere shuts down

On August 1 2010, IMHere will stop services. At that date the IMHere server wil shut down and chatting with IMHere will not be possible anymore.

Easymail will also stop working on August 1. SnapnSketch will still work, but emailing paintings will not be possible anymore.

Bjorn Bon: "I have decided to shut down IMHere, because keeping a server and a back up server up and running costs a lot of money. As there is a lot of competition nowadays, I'm making quite some loss on IMHere.

I want to refer to 2 interesting and free alternatives for mobile chatting: I started IMHere (as eMSN) in 2005. I have had more than 2.5 million download and sometimes 20000 users per day. I want to thank all the users of IMHere. It was a great experience to see so many users chatting with IMHere."

MSN and Yahoo on your mobile

Chat with your friends and exchange photos made with your camera-mobile. Add a text or drawing to your photo with the unique Snap&Sketch feature. This is all possible with IMHere, the number one MSN and Yahoo messenger for mobiles. It is simple to use and gives you direct access to the MSN and Yahoo messenger network. With the newest version we have integrated Google Maps. Now you can see where you are, and also see where your buddies are.

  • MSN (Windows Live Messenger) instant messenging
  • Yahoo instant messenging
  • Emoticons
  • Invite contacts
  • Add/remove contacts
  • Send email to contacts
  • Snap and send personlized photos using the new Snap&Sketch (not supported by the Lite version)
  • Receive and view photos
  • Google Maps: See where you are and send your location to your buddies. They will receive a link to a Google Map. Other options: See where your buddies are, find addresses and businesses.
IMHere comes for free and runs on the modern java-phones. 1 For a recent list of java phones see this list of java-phones.

Product specs

MSN and Yahoo compatible messenger. Supports most important character-sets (Latin, Chinese, Arab, etc), emoticons, multiple clients in one chat-session, add/remove contacts, snap/send/receive photos, email, Google Maps with location features. The contact-list is synchronized with your PC-version. Requires a java-enabled mobile, see this list of java-phones. Also requires internet access via GPRS, UMTS or WAP.

With the new Snap&Sketch feature mobile MSN/Yahoo is more fun than before. Make a personalized photo in 3 steps:

Step 1: Snap
Snap a nice photo with your mobile. For example a nice photo on holiday, a photo of yourself or your pet.

Note that some mobiles do not support the Photo function even if they have a camera. This is because those mobiles do not give Java programs like IMHere access to the phone. But even if you do not camera support you can still make nice sketches (see step 2)
Step 2: Sketch
Personalize your photo with your own text and drawings. Use the following keys:
  • 1: Change color
  • 2: Change line width
  • 3: Choose between the following: line, rectangle, ellipse, filled rectangle, filled ellipse, text
  • arrow keys: Move the cursor
  • ok (sometimes the 5 key): Create the selected drawing object. After that use the arrow keys to change the size. Then press ok again and use the arrow keys to change the position of the object.
  • 4: Undo
  • 5: Sometimes used as ok button.
  • 6: Redo
  • 9: Change font (in case of drawing a text object).
Step 3: Send/email/store
Snap&Sketch is available in the following screens:
  • Login screen. You can choose to stay offline and start Snap&Sketch. In this case you can store your drawing for later use.
  • Chat-window. During a chat-session you can start Snap&Sketch and send the result to your buddies.
  • Email window. When you send an email you can start Snap&Sketch and send the result as an attachment.
Those were the 3 simple steps. We wish you a lot of fun with Snap&Sketch!

1. note that your mobile must be MIDP2.0, CLDC1.1 compliant and that you must have internet access on your mobile, for example via Vodafone-Live, I-mode, WAP, or GPRS. Many users report that WAP over GPRS gives problems. The IMHere app comes for free. However IMHere generates internet traffic (2 to 12 connections per minute, leading to 3 to 12KBytes per minute). Therefore you have to pay your provider. In most cases using IMHere is much cheaper than using SMS. However there is one known exception, Vodafone Spain. Vodafone Spain seem to charge 50 Eurocent per connection, this leads to 1 to 6 Euro per minute!

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