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Party Trivia FAQ
Q: Where can I download Party Trivia?
A: You can download Party Trivia from the Party Trivia main page. If you don't have bluetooth or infrared, or your phone does not support copying jar files, you can take your mobile and browse directly to or

you can download Party Trivia directly to your phone via the link below:

Q: On which phones does Party Trivia run?
A: Party Trivia runs on most java-phones (see MIDP1 compliant phones) and on most RIM Blackberries. For downloads, see Party Trivia downloads

Q: How does Party Trivia work?
A: Play this game with your friends:
  • Put your mobile on a table.
  • Press the fire or ok button of your mobile and spin your mobile.
  • Wait until the music stops and the mobile does not spin anymore.
  • The person that is pointed by the arrow must answer the question or do the assignment.
  • In case of a question: Press the fire or ok button to see the answer.
  • Go to step 1
  • Press the menu button for:
    • Changing the spinning time.
    • Add your own questions or assignments.
    • Select a list of questions/assignments.

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